For sy62697

    Stephanie climbed the long spiral staircase toward the upper level of the main los loches castle. There was an espada meeting taking place in the thrown room that she was, for once, not invited to. It was a rare occurance for her to not be in Aizen's presence. He liked to keep her at his side at all times. The only time she was alone was in her private palace. A palace that resently had more than one occupant. A certain former sexta espada had taken an interest in our small purple haired girl. An interest that she shared in him. Despite her desire to have him however she refrained from acting on her lust knowing that if she were to give in Lord Azien would know and kill Grimmjow.
    She was wandering the hall going nowhere in particular, having nothing better to do with her time. Her days usually consited of accompanying Azien around the castle and avoiding Ulquiorra and Noritora. Both of whom despised her. While Ulquiorra posed no real threat to her Noritoa wouldn't hesitate to despose of her. 
    Rounding a corner she noticed she'd already circled the entire level and was now repeating it. Out of habbit she started toward the thrown room where the meeting was taking place. It was a room she'd become quiet familliar with since she'd been kidnapped and brought here. From time to time she'd wonder why Ichigo and the others hadn't come to save her yet. However she'd heard a rumor that Orihime had been kidnapped recently as well. Stephanie had yet to see her, but if the rumor was true it was only a matter of time before someone tried to rescue them. A comforting, yet at the same time saddening thought. Going home meant no more Azien. Going home also meant no more Grimmjow. She wasn't sure which she wanted more.
    A sudden scream made Stephanie freeze. The noise had come from the thrown room which was only a little ways away from her. The scream was then followed by an almost histarical laughture that she recognized to be Grimmjow's. Her curiousity told her she needed to investigate what was going on but before she could take a step forward the doors of the room where thrown open and the man in question emurged with a sadistic satisfaction on his face and a wild grin. His eyes locked onto the girl and the grin grew more intense as he was suddenly infront of her with his arm around her waist. Before she could question him or warn him that Azien might see he'd flash stepped(dont know what it's called for arrancar) out of the hallway and into his collosal bedroom. 
    He let go of her waist and lept onto his bed so he was standing higher as if on a pedistal. His hands moved to his hair which he grabbed and started laughing once again making Stephanie slightly nervous. It was then that she realized he now hand his left arm back. It was the arm the Tousen had cut off and destroyed which caused him to lose his rank as an espada.
    Grimmjow jumped down trembling in excitement that Stephaine had never seen in him before now.
    "I have my arm! Im the sexta espada once again! and now...." he shouted practically pacing. He stopped with his back facing Stephanie. His head turned slightly so he could see her from the corner of his eye. "Im going to have my prize." he growled. Stephanie's eyes widdened slightly as he removed his jacket and quickly picked her up throwing her on to the bed and climbing ontop of her.
    "Wha... what's your prize?" she questioned hesitantly. He grinned down at her then looked over her body.
    "Your about to find out." he said before ripping off what little clothing she had to expose her body to him. His eyes hungrily took in what he'd been craving to have for so long. She moved her hands and tried to cover certain parts feeling a sudden blast of shyness run through her. Grimmjow quickly pinned her hands above her head by the wrists. His lips went straight to her right beast and began sucking the soft flesh. His free hand moved down her body and roughly rubbed her left tight making her body shift while she moaned. His tounge flicked across her now hard nipple causing her moans to become more erratic than before. Her pleasure still wasn't enough for him. He moved his hand between her legs and ran two fingers alone her enterance before forcing them in as far as they'd go. She moaned loudly and arched her back his lips still covering her breast.
    He clawed at her insides while pumping her by hooking and unhooking his fingers while they moved. A knot was quickly forming in her stomach as the plessure increased. Just before she reached her peak he removed his fingers from her lifted his head away from her chest. Stephanie wimpered at him with a small pout on her face. He grinned at her and removed what was left of his cloths revealing the large throbbing errection his pants had been successfully hidding. He let go of her wrists and moved her right hand down his chest, past his hollow hole and down to his dick which he wrapped her fingers around and forced her hand to begin rubbing it. Getting the hint of what he wanted from her she rubbed along his shaft making him groan. His hand moved away from hers and started to massage her left breast.
    Both started panting not so much from exhaustion but in anticipation. Judging by the intense throbbing she felt in her hand Stephanie knew he was nearing his release. Wanting to make him wait she removed her hand and quickly pulled him into a passionate kiss. Grimmjow growled slightly before kissing her back. He'd had enough of playing around. He wanted her now.
    He spread her legs with his hand and positioned himself at her enterance without braking their kiss. Before she could protest or argue against this he slammed himself into her making her gasp loudly and wince in pain. Her eyes slammed shut and she bit her lip hard causing it to bleed. Grimmjow quickly licked her lip clearing away the blood before he started pumping himself into her. Despite her pained wimpers he continued to go faster and slam himself into her harder. The lust and pleasure he felt clouding his sense of logic or sympathy for her pain.
    "G..Grimm.. jow... It hurts." she wimpered clawing his shoulders despratly. He stopped suddenly finally noticing the warm tears that were falling from her eyes. His body trembled in the effort it was taking him to hold still while inside her. She shifted underneath him trying to get used to the feeling. The pain slowly began to fade until the pleasure was out weighing it. She moved her hips to the left and suddenly gasped. "Right there." she moaned quitly. Grimmjow grinned knowing that was an invitation to continue. He pulled back nearly taking himself out and thrust it back it hitting the spot she told him to. She moaned loudly and her hips bucked into his.This action finally pushed him over the edge. He again started thrusting into her hitting her G spot with every motion.
    "Harder!" she gasped now that her pain had been completely out shadowed by the emense pleasure coursing though her body. Grimmjow didn't deny her request and pounded her tender blossom. She could feel her body bruising and knew Azien would see but at the moment her mind couldn't focuse on the thought long enough to care about anything other than some how having her body even closer to Grimmjows. The white hot fire in her stomach began spreading up her body while the knot started to reform inside her.
    Grimmjow groaned loudly when she began to tighten around him. His hands grabbed her hips and he roughly moved her harder against him. His grip leaving marks almost immediatly from his tight grip. He could feel himself starting to swell with cum. He slammed himself into her a few more times before he exploded inside her just as she reached her climax. The pair moaned in extasy. Thier bodies shuddered and trembled while they breathed heavily. Stephanie felt as if her lungs were rejecting any air she took in. Her eyes were still glazed over from the experience when Grimmjow slid himself out of her and colapsed ontop of her resting his head in the crook of her neck.
    "Azien can kiss my ass... Your mine." he panted with a tired grin.